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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 20:17

Sometimes you see something that makes you step back and say "Wow".  The feeling hit me today as my family took our 2 year old cousin into a popular playground in Harrisonburg.

As I set down under one of the multiple picnic shelters at the playground, to eat some fast food we picked up along the way, my eyes gazed around the playground.  I saw a rock that made sounds, another rock that had a constant flow of water protruding from it, neat sounds coming from a walk through circle structure, lots of shade, swings, slide, tunnels, safe landing surfaces for the children, a hammock and much, much more.  I also saw a very good portion of the park... from the playground equipment to the picnic shelter to the restrooms were handicap accessible.  The most obvious thing in the park is easy to spot... the smiles. Laughing

The playground is designed for children 2-12 and is located on Neff Avenue (behind the Valley Mall).  A small group of Girl Scouts thought it would be a good idea to build this playground and with effort and community support their dream playground, appropriately named "A Dream Come True Playground", has turned into a reality that many people and especially children can now enjoy.  I encourage anyone with small and/or handicapped children to visit and enjoy this playground.  You and especially your child will not be disappointed.

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