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Friday, 21 July 2017 15:49

The two pages of minutes from the July 29 Shenandoah Vision Team meeting is displayed below. Some comments include: Russ Comer urged the Vision Team to pursue establishing a railroad museum which would draw families year-round, as opposed to a festivals parades and other events that last a day or two. With a railroad museum that is drawing visitors six or seven days a week, we would see a surge in the local economy.  

Harleigh Dean said from a teenage perspective there is nothing to do here.  Craig Lancto noted that there is a large meeting room on one side of the (old Verbena Lodge/Post Office) building and a very large open space in the side that was once the post office. These buildings could be rehabbed and utilized as a gathering places for the community.

Sara said there could be a variety of places, possibly themed: one with board games for example, one music-themed, possibly featuring local bands.

Romeo Pugliese, owner manager of Mamma Mia Restaurant made opening remarks about being a business owner in Shenandoah. Anyone, he said who tries hard enough can be a success in the area.

Sara Levinson reiterated that we now must ask “What do we want to do? We need to pull in more people, she said, identify projects, and encourage everyone to bring their friends and families to the next meeting.  

Look for news about our next meeting when we reconvene in September. In the meantime, please engage your friends, and family and neighbors in discussion and planning to bring positive change to Shenandoah. Contact Vision Team members, town council and town hall staff to share your thoughts or to volunteer to help this initiative to succeed.  Please visit our website for a pdf version of these minutes and be sure to check out The Shenandoah Vision Team Facebook page. Please scroll down to view the two pages of notes.

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