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Our website got hacked so we had to take it off line.  We are slowly adding all information that was on our old website to this page. This is a work in progress, so not all links work.  Like us on Facebook.

A summary of the progress on the ball field at Big Gem Park follows:

As of December 4, 2014  Shenandoah Indians coordinating with contractor on leveling out ball field area in Big Gem Park, due to very wet conditions, estimated date is now summer of 2015.


November 6th, 2010: Shenandoah Crafters Annual Craft Show

Rebuilding Our Stadium volunteers spent the weekend at the Shenandoah Elementary School with a table at the Shenandoah Crafters Annual Craft Show. The volunteers handed out brochures and informed people of the project. Many memories of the old ballpark was shared. Everyone that stopped at the table was excited to about the project. Magnets were sold for $1 with all proceeds going towards the project. $110 profit was raised from the weekends activities. Thanks go out to the people that volunteered their time, people that stopped by the table and to the Shenandoah Crafters for organizing the craft show!


September 19th, 2010: Former Indians reminiscing

We have uploaded a picture slide show of our meeting with former Indians reminiscing over dinner at Mamma Mia's Italian Restaurant in Shenandoah on September 2nd 2010. Former Indians; Mr. Larry Dofflemyer, Mr. Wayne Comer, Mr. A.C. Jenkins and Mr. Kirk Comer. Also attending the meeting were Page News & Courier's Sports Editor Mr. Bill meade, and Indians fan Mr. Amos Thomas. Click here to view slide show. After the meeting, more memories were shared in the parking lot when Mr. Buddy Comer stopped in.


September 16th, 2010: Page News & Courier articles by Bill Meade

Over the past two weeks Bill Meade has written two articles about our stadium, "Take me out to the ballpark" and "From the ashes" Click here to read about the articles and the historic meeting in Shenandoah. Bill did a fantastic job on both articles. Article may take a few seconds to load on slower computers.


September 6th, 2010: Valley Banner articles by Casey Billhimer

Last month, Casey Billhimer wrote a series of four articles for the Valley Banner on"The History of Shenandoah Veterans Memorial Stadium". Casey did a superior job on the articles, therefore we wanted to share them with everyone. Article may take a few seconds to load on slower computers.


September 6th, 2010: Valley Banner article by Ted Hayes

Recently Ted Hayes took time out of his busy day and came to Shenandoah to gather information for an article was writing about our stadium project. In case you did not see the article, we have posted it here for everyone to read."Shenandoah Steps Up Efforts To Rebuild Veterans Stadium"


August 19th, 2010: Donation from Karen's Frozen Favorites

Today Karen Miller presented a $235.35 check to Shenandoah Indians and Rebuilding Our Stadium project volunteers. This was the proceeds from Karens Frozen Favorites July ice cream fundraiser promotion for Rebuilding Our Stadium. The promotion ran every Tues in July with a % of the profits going towards the project. Anyone interested in helping the project can email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 540-742-1323


June 26th, 2010: Karen's Frozen Favorites

A percentage of sales at Karen's Frozen Favorites every Tuesday during the month of July will go towards rebuilding our stadium project. So mark your calendar now, July 6, 13, 20, & 27. This special promotional is good on Tuesday's in July all day long from 11:30am to 10 pm. Treat yourself to some delicious ice cream treats and support our stadium project at the same time!


June 18th, 2010: Shenandoah Moose Lodge 2176

Receive a donation of $100 from the members of the Shenandoah Moose Lodge 2176. Thanks to all of the lodge members!


June 16th, 2010: Shenandoah Crafters.

Wow! The Shenandoah Crafters has donated $500 to our Stadium Project! Many thanks to the Shenandoah Crafters!


June 15th, 2010: Donations

We are very pleased with the out pouring of support for our project! Since we delivered the promotional bags, we have been getting donations in various amounts; ranging from $1 $20, $50 $100 and a few $500 donations. If you have not sent in your donation, it’s not too late. We appreciate all donations, regardless of amount.


June 11th, 2010: Bobby Jenkins sent us his memories of the old stadium. Check it out on our memories page.


June 2nd, 2010: Memories & donations being received!

Wow! It's only been two days since the brochures were delivered, and the donations and memories are being received! Check out our newest memory by Jim Slye on our memories page. Keep the memories and donations coming, as we have a long way to go!


May 31st, 2010:Brochures were delivered!

At 6am this morning, members of the Shenandoah Indians and other dedicated volunteers started placing brochures at the doors of local town residents. Even before we had finished delivering brochures, residents were giving us positive comments and were supportive of our project!


May 25th, 2010: Fundraising campaign kicks off at council meeting!

We attended the town council meeting where we kicked off our fundraising campaign. At this meeting we briefed the council on the community's interest to rebuild Veterans Memorial Stadium. We also unveiled a rare picture of Veterans Memorial Stadium. The council accepted the picture and the picture is now hanging inside the town hall wall


August 24 2009: Tree stumps removed

 One bulldozer and one backhoe started pushing over stumps in ball field area.  Shenandoah Indians paid contractor $5,000. 

After stumps had been pushed over.



 September 2005:  After Some trees had been cut down

After many days work by two volunteers, this is what the area looked like.

After many days work by two volunteers.

July 2, 2005 Clearing of the field started 

On July 2, 2005 Volunteers Amos Thomas and Jeff Staples started cutting down trees for the new ball field. After working for 36 days and 132 hours they finished cutting trees down on November 25, 2005.  They used 4 chain saw bars; replaced chainsaw sprocket and bearings; 11 chain saw chains and spent $20 in gas. The volunteers spend out of pocket a total of $428.49 clearing an area 500 feet by 500 feet.

    This is what it looked like before trees were cut down.

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